Crunchy Leaves & Scented Breezes

An unusually quiet day today that called for a trip out to enjoy the April sunshine.

Sibling Jack Russel cross Dachshunds, Rolo (all brown) and Hero (brown and white), couldn’t wait to arrive at Haverfordwest Castle. Rolo observed every road and every turning we took on the way through town and leaped straight out when we stopped. Hero quickly followed her out and awkwardly wriggled into his jacket as the wind was still quite bitter. 

We wandered though the ruined remains, Rolo pulled towards every window opening to take in the views and smells while Hero found every corner to annouce his presence on. 

Next stop was The Rhos Estuary, just 10 minutes outside of town. The Rhos is almost silent. A secluded sun-trap where the only sound is the quiet lapping of water on the mossy stones. We love coming down here when we have a quiet day. 

Down the steps and on to the gritty sand, we make our way to the giant drift log. Rolo and Hero aren’t very keen on climbing on the log so I jump up onto it first. They still pay no interest and continue to sniff and claim the log as their own whist giving me disapproving looks. 

Further along the ground gets a little boggy and we find a path up to the woods that should take us back towards the car. The dogs pull me up the bank effortlessly with their tiny legs. 

The vague path takes us along the edge of the receding bank. We walk with as little movement as possible to avoid disturbing the ground beneath us and reach a bench overlooking the glistening estuary. 

Now the car is in sight. Some water for the thirsty ones and we set off again.


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