10 Best Moments Of Our First Year

It’s nearly been year now since we launched Cotton’s Crèche with the help of the Prince’s Trust. We officially started on the 3rd of May as it is Cotton’s (my 16 year old Bichon Frise & co-founder of the business) Birthday. 

1. One of the greatest moments was having the phone call that my pitch to the Prince’s Trust had been successful and we could go ahead and get the premises ready. We both celebrated with a drink in our local town, Narberth, her idea not mine! 

2. We were lucky to have clients lined up before we started, including our wonderful Lurcher siblings Benji (black & white) and Skye (brindle blonde). They are the kindest, sweetest duo and have been a great emample for all the others. 

3. One of my favourite moments is when Skye does this… Squashes her nose up against the window and shows her teeth! One of the creepiest and funniest things to witness! She does it to go both in and outside, giving an extra big sigh with it when it’s raining and she wants it to stop.

4. Another fab moment is when they all are zonked out after a long day of fun! The peace is few and far between so it’s great when this happens. 

5. Buddy’s love for small beds… it’s funny to watch him try to fit and unbelievable when he curls up tight and actually gets in comfortably! He’s our gentle giant, putting all dogs above himself and running away from any disagreements! 

His second favourite place to sit is on me! 

6. A weird best moment here. It’s the realisation that the business is proving successful, that people actually rate you and want to use your service. When bookings come in and I have to shuffle things around to make sure as many people get the days they want.. it’s stressful.. but so exciting! 

7. The moment when friendships are made. We have some great friendships at the crèche; where a dog is so excited and happy to see their best friends. It’s lovely to watch and be a part of. We try to book these besties in together as often as we can. 

8. Getting our Council Establishment Award 2017! With help from my amazing mum, making fences, gates, fixing everything she can. Along with a lot of paperwork and a consistant cleanliness routine we qualified for the Pembrokeshire County Council Establishment Award 2017, (Cotton’s happier about it than she looks!) 

9. Good dogs! Nothing makes me happier than well behaved, good mannered muts! Learning from eachother and hopefully me, our dogs are the best behaved pack I could ever ask for! They are all individually cheeky and occasionally push the boundaries but I couldn’t find a better pack and I’ve never had to turn a dog away… yet!

10. Brilliant dog parents! I am so grateful for every dog parent that brings their dog to me. Their dogs are their children and are treated as such. I have made great human friends this year too, dog people, on the same crazy-dog-wavelength as me. I was given these by Benji & Skye after they had been with me a year! 

There are so many more I haven’t put in. I should have made it 50 Best Moments but I also need to sleep! 


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